Visor Lights Pre-Assembled on any IDM (delivery time approx. 45-60 days)


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Integrated head light with 6 Powerful LEDs.

The on/off switch is installed in the surface air valve port, without impairing the function of the SAV.

This is our best selling accessory – a hands-free light that actually reduces your mask buoyancy and works incredibly well.

• 6 powerful LED lights.

• Switch does not exclude SAV (surface air valve).

• 75-lumen output/LED.

• 12-degree beam angle.

• Light color TYP 5,500 – MAX 10,000 Kº.

• 3 hour burn time, depending on the type of rechargeable battery.

• Waterproof to 80 m (260 ft.).

• Rechargeable CR 123 3v lithium battery included.

• Battery charger.


NOTE: Though these lights are powerful, using them as a primary light source is not recommended. Visor Lights are available pre-assembled on a newly ordered mask (on demand) or may be applied on any IDM, using prepared adhesive tape or factory mounting (hole drilling) at customer’s preference. 

You will need to send your full-face mask to us if you own one all ready, or, this product can be ordered as a kit. It can only be disassembled by an  the Ocean Reef Servicing Center or directly at the factory. 



Availability: On request only (delivery time approx. 45-60 days)
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Warranty: 2 years limited warranty.

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