Visor Lights Pre- assembled on any Neptune Space (delivery time approx. 45-60 days)


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*Note This product must be installed at our factory. You will need to send your full-face mask to us if you own one all ready, or, this product can be ordered as a kit. It can only be disassembled by an  the Ocean Reef Servicing Center or directly at the factory. 


• 6 powerful LED lights.

• Switch does not exclude SAV (surface air valve).

• 75-lumen output/LED.

• 12-degree beam angle.

• Light color TYP 5,500 – MAX 10,000 Kº.

• 3 hour burn time, depending on the type of rechargeable battery.

• Waterproof to 80 m (260 ft.).

• Rechargeable CR 123 3v lithium battery included.

• Battery charger.

NOTE: Though these lights are powerful, using them as a primary light source is not recommended. Visor Lights are available pre-assembled on a newly ordered mask (on demand) or may be applied on any IDM, using prepared adhesive tape or factory mounting (hole drilling) at customer’s preference.

Availability: On request only (delivery time approx. 45-60 days)
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Width: 30.50
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Depth: 15.25
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