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Our newest Integrated Diving Mask system: the Space Extender, is the mask for the avid diver, advanced adventurer and diving professional.

The mask features: 

  • Cold water certified, balanced, on demand, integrated regulator.
  • Polycarbonate visor (siloxane double coated for scratch resistance).
  • Directional exhaust valve (4 positions).
  • Dive / pre dive switch.
  • Lifetime warranty!
  • Includes the Extender Kit (frame + accessories).
  • SAV (Surface Air Valve) included.

This IDM has it all right off the bat.

IDM Full Face Masks have multiple advantages: check the “Why Dive An IDM?” section here

A fully customizable product that can serve all your needs and grow with your preferences thanks to a full line of accessories that can be integrated at any time with your mask. 

Additional information: 

Correct fitting, breakdown of basic features and more here:


Black(face seal) S/M, M/L – Orange(face seal) M/L – Yellow(face seal) M/L


all Black – all Yellow – all Orange – black frame, orange face seal – black frame, yellow face seal


Black/Black S/M OR025102, Black/Black M/L OR025103 – Black/Orange M/L OR025105 – Black/Yellow M/L OR025104 – Orange/Orange M/L OR025108 – Yellow/Yellow M/L OR025107

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Width: 31.75
Height: 22.80
Depth: 26.70
SKU: OR025108
Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty.

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