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Our newest Integrated Diving Mask system: the Space Extender, is the mask for the avid diver, advanced adventurer and diving professional.

  • Cold water certified, balanced, on demand, integrated regulator.
  • Polycarbonate visor (siloxane double coated for scratch resistance).
  • Directional exhaust valve (4 positions).
  • Dive / pre dive switch.
  • Lifetime warranty!
  • Includes the Extender Kit (frame + accessories).
  • SAV (Surface Air Valve) included.

This IDM has it all right off the bat.

A fully customizable product that can serve all your needs and grow with your preferences thanks to a full line of accessories that can be integrated at any time with your mask.

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Black(face seal) S/M, M/L – Orange(face seal) M/L – Yellow(face seal) M/L


all Black – all Yellow – all Orange – black frame, orange face seal – black frame, yellow face seal


Black/Black S/M OR025102, Black/Black M/L OR025103 – Black/Orange M/L OR025105 – Black/Yellow M/L OR025104 – Orange/Orange M/L OR025108 – Yellow/Yellow M/L OR025107

Correct fitting, breakdown of basic features and more here: .



GSM G-POWER:underwater transciver PTT (push to talk) unit with extra powered range of 500mt (1500 ft.). External rubber treatment reduces micro bubble adhesion. Autonomy of approximately 25h in standby mode.

Single channel frequency (compatible with all units from OCEAN REEF and competitor units if using this frequency). The second button on the PTT allows the diver to adjust speaker volume.

GSM G-POWER SL:designed for use with hoods or OCEAN REEF Space Extender. It has the same features as the G-power unit, includes a pair of waterproof headphones (MHA- 2) that plug into the main unit with waterproof connectors. It comes with a stainless steel clip to attach the main unit to BC.

GSM DC (dual channel): underwater transciver unit which offers powerful, clear and multichannel communication. DSP microprocessor digital driver included for verbal message equalization.

Automatic DAT system for hands-free communication. 2 transceiver channels. 2 buttons for PTT transmission, channel switching and DAT activation.

Activating the DAT starts a 30 – 20 – 30 second cycle during which the unit will be in 1) transmission mode 2) receiving mode 3) transmission again. This way, the diver has the possibility of working with both hands free and still communicating. The DAT cycle will continue unless turned off – this can be helpful in worst case scenario emergencies when the diver is in extreme distress and wants to send out a continuous message of his presence (transmission will signal to receiving units even if no words are spoken).

GSM CUBE3: it’s the most versatile unit possible. Capable of communicating in three different ways: wireless, hard wired, VHF.

It can be connected to the ALPHA PRO X DIVERS surface unit for cable hardwired communication – full duplex, hands free communication.

The unit is a permanent wireless unit. Always on receiving mode for any communication on channel 1 frequency. PTT button activates wireless transmission on channel 1. Six-pin waterproof connection permits connecting and detaching from cable communication while underwater.

GSM CUBE3 can be connected to a separate unit in order to interface with a VHF radio and permit radio communication while on the surface.







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Width: 31.75
Height: 22.80
Depth: 26.70
Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty for the professional IDMs.
2 years limited warranty for the uw communcation units.

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