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Commercial divers’ best choice, Special Corps Mask of choice, a mask that can withstand the toughest and most frequent use possible.

Key Features:

  • Regulator cover in marine-use Anodized Anticorodal®, light weightresistant, durable aluminum compound used in aeronautics for applications requiring high mechanical resistance. The front cover of the mask’s state-of-the-art integrated  regulator is made of laser-cut Anodized Anticorodal® and has a light gold finish Reg adjustment knob, internal screw, in AISI 316 stainless steel
  • Includes the Extender Kit (frame + accessories).
  • Sensitive reg adjustment knob, sturdy and easy to grab even wearing thick gloves.
  • Predator mask comes with three rubber straps. 
  • Nitrox compatibility up to 40%. .
  • 1030 g total mask weight (2.28 lb.).
  • Heavily reduced positive buoyancy, 232 g (0.5 lb.).
  • Cold water certified, balanced, on demand, integrated regulator. 
  • Polycarbonate visor (siloxane double coated for scratch resistance).
  • Directional exhaust valve (4 positions). 
  • Dive / pre dive switch.
  • Limited Lifetime warranty.
  • SAV (Surface Air Valve) included.

Additional information: 

Correct fitting, breakdown of basic features and more here:                      








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Width: 40.60
Height: 30.50
Depth: 30.50
SKU: M/L OR025115
Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty.

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