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GC 2010 Adapter

The GC 2010 allows the diver to connect and use simultaneously the MHA-2 with the G-power SL main wireless unit and the hardwired connection to the alpha-pro x-divers cable.

By pressing the PTT button you can communicate both wireless and hardwired at the same time, without pressing the PTT button only the hardwired communication is possible.

The unit is always receiving and can listen to both wired and hardwired incoming communication(if connected to both systems).

Additional information: 

It acts like the GC 2008, as an adapter between MHA-2 and hardwire communication units. The difference is that the GC 2010 permits the simultaneous use of both wireless and hard wire communication, without having to change from one to another.



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Width: 22.80
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Warranty: 2 years limited warranty.

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