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OCEAN REEF – Corrective Lens for OCEAN REEF Optical Lens Support 2.0.

Corrective lens for Snorkeling and Scuba Full Face Masks.

SKU: OR033400 | LEFT -1.0; OR033402 | LEFT -1.5; OR033404 | LEFT -2.0; OR033406 | LEFT -2.5; OR033408 | LEFT -3.0; OR033410 | LEFT -3.5; OR033412 | LEFT -4.0; OR033401 | RIGHT -1.0; OR033403 | RIGHT -1.5; OR033405 | RIGHT -2.0; OR033407 | RIGHT -2.5; OR033409 | RIGHT -3.0; OR033411 | RIGHT -3.5; OR033413 | RIGHT -4.0
Additional information:
Create your own glasses by choosing the correct lenses for you and snap them in the Ocean Reef Optical Lens Support. 

So easy… These lens can be installed by your optician or by yourself

These durable plastic lens are made to be used only with OCEAN REEF Optical lens 2.0

NOTE: does not include Optical lens support frame. Requires frame to be used.

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LEARN MORE: https://snorkeling.oceanreefgroup.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2019/02/disegni_montaggio_lenti_2__99696.1541699803.1280.1280__87489.1545055464.1280.1280.jpg
Width: 8.50
Height: 1.70
Depth: 9.00
SKU: left/right -1.0/-4.0: OR033400; OR033401; OR033402; OR033403; OR033404; OR033405; OR033406; OR033407; OR033408; OR033409; OR033410; OR033411; OR033412; OR033413
Warranty: 2 years limited warranty.

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