M100 G.divers Portable Surface Unit

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M100 G.DIVERS Portable Surface Unit

The M100 G.divers is a portable surface transceiver unit that may be

worn on the operator’s belt.

This is a high performance, compact, and easy to use unit. It is made to

respond to the demands of communicating with divers in action without

carrying expensive, complicated and heavy units. The size of the main unit

is similar to a cellphone.

The main unit has a PTT (Push to Talk) button and a headphone/microphone

connector. The unit turns on when the headphone/microphone is connected

to the main unit. The unit turns off automatically when the headphone/

microphone is removed. A 10 meter (33 feet) transducer cable connects to

the main unit and is lowered into the water.

The operator may control the depth of the transducer.

It operates on one channel and uses a 9V replaceable alkaline battery with

autonomy of approximately 30 hours. The range of operation is approx

200 meters (600 feet).

The unit comes with the following items:

• 10 meter (33 feet) transducer cable

• Headphone/microphone

• Screwdriver.



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