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The chest is a small case equipped with an MP3 player, independent battery, hydrophonic and/or ultrasonic transmitter, and activation button. The hydrophonic (only speaker) model allows divers to hear the message without any special equipment within 2 m from the chest, while the ultrasonic model requires OCEAN REEF receivers. The chest can remain underwater without maintenance for approximately three weeks. After that, the batteries will need to be charged. The message can be replaced or edited however you like by connecting the chest to the computer.



This Chest or underwater communicator has been created for the DiveCaching events and can be used to provide clues in the water. The clue will be pre-recorded and stored in the communicator, which will be placed at the point shown on the map of planned clue stops in the area.



a multi-stop underwater route is created, which can also be organized into multiple dives in multiple locations. DiveCaching can be offered by a diving center or dive club, a tour operator... The “chests” are placed in locations no deeper than 20 meters/60 feet. Each chest is a hydrophonic and/or ultrasonic communications unit (depending on the format selected) that is anchored to the sea floor and can be activated with a simple push of a button. DiveCaching participants can be certified divers, or in some formats, even freedivers. Participants receive initial instructions that explain where to find the first chest. When a diver finds it, she/he activates the communication unit and listens to the prerecorded message. The message will give instructions on where to find the second chest, and so on, until the end of the DiveCaching adventure. Participants will test their ability to orient themselves, regulate their buoyancy, and communicate underwater.


DiveCaching by OCEAN REEF is a way to make scuba diving fun and different, but also educational. DiveCaching is essentially an underwater treasure hunt structured to combine your diving skills with the use of underwater communication.

Below you will find instructions on how to organize DiveCaching at your diving center. The most important job is understanding the area and giving us a sort of map of the site so that we can plan any stops and clues.



The diving center or school, which from now on, for simplicity, we will call the Center, will have to identify the area near its facility where the treasure hunt will he held, which can include clues hidden underwater and even on land. Having identified the area, the Center could collect nautical or topographic maps or extracts from GPS nautical maps and make them immediately available to the Ocean Reef staff so it can evaluate the area and draft the initial plans, which can be done by telephone, e-mail or Skype. We discourage the use of road maps because they do not have details that are important for a treasure hunt but a great deal of other details not relevant to the style of DiveCaching.

The size of the area will determine whether the game can be completed in hours or several days, in night sessions or only in daylight.

By way of example, a competition with 7-8 couples (14-16 people), in an areas of 1 km² and 7-8 clues, 4 in the water and the rest on land, can take the participants two and a half hours plus scheduled breaks or, from initial briefing to the award ceremony, between four and four and a half hours.

For safety reasons, access to the water should be free of obstacles of any kind. Ideal accesses are from the beach or a boat or access by a giant step from a jetty or rocks with a depth suitable for this type of entry.

It's also important to know the underwater area: sandy bottom, Posidonia beds, stones, rocks etc. The type of bottom does not affect the game but it is important that there not be currents that make underwater swimming too difficult at the expense of safety.

On land, to make hiding the clues more interesting, it could be useful to know about legends or commonly known historical events that took place in the town village or adjacent buildings. It is not essential but it is also a way to introduce your area to people who happen to be there for the first time.



The clues will be prepared by the Center in cooperation with the Ocean Reef staff. Our experience will ensure that you create difficulties that can be solved with the use of special equipment, such as the OCEAN REEF IDM and underwater communicators that provide audible underwater messages. The Center's help is essential for preparing clues that relate to the area.

For the solution of riddles, cryptic messages, rebuses or special codes, competitors can use all the technological systems available (the paragraph on Ocean Reef's equipment will give a better and more detailed idea of what is meant by technological systems).

Depending on the duration of the game, the clues will be prepared and placed during the 2 (two) days before the event (Thursday and Friday if the treasure hunt will take place on Saturday).


The Center must ensure the availability of tanks and any weights the participants may need for ballast. Normally, one tank is more than enough for the DiveCaching activities that will take place in the water during the day. Plus, we will need a support boat for getting around on the water and a logistics area for the DiveCaching base station. The number of participants can be limited by the availability of these. For example, 15 teams are a minimum of 30 participates, so you will need to provide 30 tanks to conduct the treasure hunt.

Participants will work in pairs because the prize is specifically designed for a couple. If a team wants to add more people, they can only do so when they are aware of what type of prize they could win.


Organizing this kind of treasure hunt requires several products that Ocean Reef will provide; other equipment will be made available for identifying the area of the treasure hunt at the site.

A 3x3 m gazebo as a reference point for the delivery of the first clue and any briefing, if there is no other space at the Center for the presentation.

4-6 chests or underwater communicators that will be used to provide clues in the water. The clue will be pre-recorded and stored in the communicator, which will be placed at the point shown on the map of planned clue stops in the area (see "clues").

Each team will be given one (1) receiver. Underwater receivers capable of receiving the message from the "treasure chest in this way, everyone will be able to hear the clue recorded and stored in the treasure chest hidden in the water.

Terracotta "doubloons" with a diameter of about 6 centimeters will be made available as "bonuses" to offset any penalties applied during route (in a quantity sufficient for the hunt, minimum of 20 and maximum of 60)

Metal "doubloons", the size of a classic coin, which can be used to "pay" for services included in the game. The services made available will be included in the game. If, for example, they want to use the PC at a given stop, they must pay for this service with the doubloons that they "earned" on the route. If they want to use a boat, they can pay for the service provided in the same way, with DiveCaching doubloons.

Special equipment such as notebook computers (max 3), two-way radios with legal transmission and receiving frequencies (max 8), binoculars (max 4) and map compasses (max 4), is made available in Ocean Reef's DiveCaching package.

IDMs will be available to perform a test inserted in the route. They are full-face masks complete with underwater communicators. Since there is a test that requires the use of this particular equipment, at least 8 IDMs will be available; the number was calculated on the following basis: - since the test is performed during the competition, the maximum number of participants in this particular situation cannot be greater than 8. If there are more participants at the same test, time will be stopped for those who are waiting until the start of their test.

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