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Compatible with IDMs M/L and FFSMs Aria, Aria QR+, UNO (sizes ranging


from S/M to L/XL, XS excluded), Sea Vu Dry S/M - L/XL,


Easybreath S/M - M/L - L/XL, Tusa Sport S/M to L/XL. Lens correction for


your IDM and FFSM without ruining your mask .


Use them as convenient glasses on land - snap the legs off and put


the frame in your mask when you scuba dive or snorkel for an optical


corrected mask!


This product is part of our living eco line - 100% plant based plastic.



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Width: 16.00
Height: 10.60
Depth: 5.20
SKU: OR033304
Warranty: 2 years limited warranty.

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